Developing Co-operatives

Rationale and Goals

Co-operatives (or co-ops) are for-profit endeavors that are owned and run in a democratic manner by their members, whose economic activities serve to deepen social justice and economic wellbeing in our society.

In recent years, the number of co-ops in Israel has significantly grown and become somewhat of a phenomenon with more and more groups throughout the country establishing consumer co-ops to battle high cost of living prices, reinvigorate their community life and create well paying jobs while all the while working create a fairer Israeli marketplace.

The program’s goal is to offer training which will allow local activists to establish, run and develop their own co-ops. The program is comprised of 8-12 meetings which include an introduction to the relevant theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on project-oriented workshops. The program will also offer participants assistance and supervision throughout the process of establishing their local co-op.

Program Structure

Part One:

An introduction into the field of co-ops in Israel and around the globe and the values behind them.

Part Two

Theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the co-op model and the ways for its realization.

Program Topics

1. From protest to action: co-ops as an engine for change

2. History and identity: the global co-op movement and its values

3. Co-ops in Israel: past, present and future

4. The co-op business model in different sectors: consumer co-op and production co-op

5. Co-op membership and its democratic structure: cooperating in management and decision making

6. Co-op laws: red tape and registering as a co-op

7. Financial co-op

8. New media and new ways of maintaining and developing co-ops

9. Cooperation and sustainable local economy

10. In the field: meetings with co-op founders and members


Yifat Sollel (Lawyer), Amit Friedman, Raifi Goldman, Yair Alberton, Tom Dromi-Hakim, Dr. Gili Baruch, Yuval Ofek and others.

Past Courses

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