Social & Economic Policy for all

Rationale and Goals
Israel’s social-economic policy exerts a deep and profound influence on the day to day lives of each and every one of us. Despite its pivotal role in our lives, the majority is us feel that we have little ability to change this policy. The SEA’s program for Social and Economic Policy for all offers people the opportunity to delve deeper into the ideas and terminology found at the basis of social and economic policy, as well as granting participants pertinent information for understanding such policy and working to change it for the better. The program focuses on a number of policy fields, offering not just a deeper understanding of each’s working, but also of alternative formulations, specifically regarding the labor market, the tax system, education, health, welfare and the public and private sectors.
Target audience
The program’s participants can stem from any group interested in learning, understanding and working for change. Community activists and organizers, students from pre-military preparatory, college students and even high school students.
Program Structure
1. An introduction into central issues in the economic discourse in Israel and around the world. Participants will be given the tools to understand and critique the prevalent policy as well as the theoretical and ethical basis on which it stands. 2. Central social and economic policy issues in Israel, with a specific focus on: inequality, education, health, welfare, housing, the labor market and gender equality. 3. Formulating policy alternatives, and modes of its implementation.
Program's topics
1. Basic concepts in economics and social policy 2. Trends in Israeli social-economic policy 3. Inequality and poverty is Israel 4. Equal access to welfare services 5. The Housing Crisis 6. The State budget 7. Pensions and the investment capital market 8. The public sector 9. Distributive justice

Can our economy look different? in cooperation with the students’ union at the Hebrew University, 2014

האם הכלכלה שלנו יכולה להיראות אחרת – האוניברסיטה העברית. 2014

From Economic Policy to Social Reality, Course for students and local activists from kiryat shmona, Tel Hai Academic College

מתיאוריה כלכלית למציאות חברתית. מכללת תל חי, 2011.

Economics and Social Policy, Yokneam community center, 2011

כלכלה וחברה בישראל. יקנעם, יחד עם פעילי המחאה, 2011

Another world is Possible, Course for social activists after the social protests, Tel Aviv 2011

עולם אחר הוא אפשרי- מושגי יסוד בכלכלה וחברה. סמינר הקיבוצים, תל אביב, 2011