New scholarship program for economic students has opened

New scholarship program for economic students

Progressive Economists is the only program of its kind in Israel that educates and trains economists to re-address social issues through economics studies. It’s mission is to develop new economic leadership by training young economists and update economic thinking to encouraging them to develop new ideas and enter into carriers of meaningful change.


35 outstanding economics students from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University and Haifa University receive scholarships from SEA. Their intensive training includes weekly courses on progressive trends in economics to give an emphasis on social impacts on individuals, families and communities. These are given by prominent scholars and government officials. Bolstered by internships in national and local government. The internship provides students with a window into real world economics and encourages them to develop a career in public service and create a change from within.


Our goal is that a significant number of student leaders move on to meaningful careers in the public service and will lead change in social and economic policy. Others will pursue doctoral degrees at Israeli and internationally renowned universities. We believe the program’s alumni will be tomorrow’s leading economists and decision-makers.