Rami Hod – Executive Director

Holds a BA from Haifa University’s program for Social-Economic History and Sociology, and an MA in Sociology from Ben Gurion University in the Negev, with his research focusing on education policy in Israel. Prior to joining SEA, Rami worked for five years at Koach LaOvdim -a democratic Workers’ Organization which represents about 25,000 workers from a variety of fields. Rami was the organization’s first paid employee with its establishment, serving a pivotal role in developing its professional and organizational structure, as well supervising budding organizations. In the past he coordinated a scholarship program at Haifa University for jewish and arab students involved in community  organizing and social change in impoverished communities. Rami is a  lecturer and a regular commentator and publicist in Israel’s newspapers and journals on topics of social policy, inequality and social change.