SEA Staff

Rami Hod – Executive Director
Holds a BA from Haifa University’s program for Social-Economic History and Sociology, and an MA … Continue reading Rami Hod – Executive Director →
Rafi Kamhi – Program Director, Leadership Development Program for Labor Leaders
Born, raised and currently resides in Haifa with his family. From the first graduates of … Continue reading Rafi Kamhi – Program Director, Leadership Development Program for Labor Leaders →
Omer Feitelson – Program Director, Progressive Economists Program
An economist with experience in working with the Israeli public sector and with conducting research … Continue reading Omer Feitelson – Program Director, Progressive Economists Program →
Dr. Nili Mark
An economic lecturer at Tel Aviv University. An expert in Israel’s economy, educational economics and … Continue reading Dr. Nili Mark →
Ayala Brilliant
Training director. Experts in Training : Leadership skills, building political power, community organizing and Volunteers … Continue reading Ayala Brilliant →
Assaf Bondy
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Moria Avnimelech
A lecturer in social policy and economics at the College of Management Academic Studies, specializing … Continue reading Moria Avnimelech →
Yuval Ofek Shani
One of the founders of the Ofek Cooperative for Investment Capital, leader of Israel’s first … Continue reading Yuval Ofek Shani →
Yair Alberton
The director-general of the Kayhila (Community) organization and a member of the urban kibbutz Tamuz … Continue reading Yair Alberton →
Yaniv Afuta
Yaniv serves as an assistant to the Yerucham Regional Council chairman, Michael Bitton, and the … Continue reading Yaniv Afuta →
Barbara Epstein (Social Worker)
A lecturer and professional training coordinator at the School for Social Work at the Hebrew … Continue reading Barbara Epstein (Social Worker) →
Sagit Erel
BA and MA graduate in economics. Sagit took part in various roles, including a research … Continue reading Sagit Erel →
Adv. Tzvika Aren
Founder and Director-General of Midot, an NGO which works to promote efficiency and increase the … Continue reading Adv. Tzvika Aren →
Tamar Ben Yosef
Economist and journalist. In the past was a weekly columnist for Globes (Israel’s leading economic … Continue reading Tamar Ben Yosef →
Lilly Ben Ami
 A lecturer and educational program developer. Holds a Masters in education from the Hebrew Univeristy. … Continue reading Lilly Ben Ami →
Yaniv Bar Ilan
 A doctorate student of communications at Tel Aviv University. The spokesperson for Koach LaOvdim and … Continue reading Yaniv Bar Ilan →
Dr. Gili Baruch
Head of the Sustainable Local Economic Development project at Shatil. Works on community-economic development.
Prof. Danny Gutwein
A fellow professor in the Department of Jewish History at the University of Haifa, and … Continue reading Prof. Danny Gutwein →
Dr. Yiftah Goldman
A doctor of philosophy. A lecturer at Tel Aviv University and David Yellin College. An … Continue reading Dr. Yiftah Goldman →
Raifi Goldman
 Head of the Center of Developing Cooperatives and the founder of the Arab-Jewish Center for … Continue reading Raifi Goldman →
David Golan
 Media consultant who specializes in social organizations, lectures on the following topics: Welfare in the … Continue reading David Golan →
Prof. John Gal
Dean of the Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare at the Hebrew … Continue reading Prof. John Gal →
Eli Gershenkroin
Holds a masters in economics. In the past he has served as senior deputy to … Continue reading Eli Gershenkroin →
Prof. Avner de Shalit
A political philosopher and senior lecturer of philosophy and political science at the Hebrew Univeristy. … Continue reading Prof. Avner de Shalit →
Zafra Dweck
Chairwoman of the Social Workers Union. jordan femme mulberry bags sale uk hermes h bag … Continue reading Zafra Dweck →
Prof. Nadav Davidovitch (MD.)
Head of the Center for Health Policy Research in the Negev, a senior lecturer at … Continue reading Prof. Nadav Davidovitch (MD.) →
Dr. Efraim Davidi
Founding member of the SEA. A senior lecturer at the Department for Social Work and … Continue reading Dr. Efraim Davidi →
Feya Hillel
An expert in leadership development, and forging political and local community activism. She worked on … Continue reading Feya Hillel →
Dr. Ami Vatury
A lecturer at Haifa University, founder of Koach LaOvdim and an expert in the field … Continue reading Dr. Ami Vatury →
Prof. Yossi Zeira
Professor of economics at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. An expert in macroeconomics, economic growth … Continue reading Prof. Yossi Zeira →
Noga Cohen
נגה כהן, בוגרת תואר אשון בפכ”מ (פילוסופיה, כלכלה ומדע המדינה) באוניברסיטה העברית ומאסטרנטית להיסטוריה באותה … Continue reading Noga Cohen →
Shay Cohen
One of the founders of Koach LaOvdim and the organization’s current secretary-general, a social and … Continue reading Shay Cohen →
Naama Levin
A social worker and social activist, a lecturer at the Department of Social Work at … Continue reading Naama Levin →
Hanin Majadli
A social activist and doctorate student of social work at the Hebrew University at Jerusalem. … Continue reading Hanin Majadli →
Dror Mizrahi
 A communication, media and strategy consultant. An expert in political and public campaigns. Parliamentary aid … Continue reading Dror Mizrahi →
Dr. Nir Michaeli
Dean of pedagogical development and head of the Education Department at the Kibbutzim College of … Continue reading Dr. Nir Michaeli →
Martin Villar
רכז תחום עובדי קבלן בעמותת קו לעובד. מלווה מאבקי עובדים ממגוון סקטורים וממובילי מאבק עובדות … Continue reading Martin Villar →
Dr. Yofat Sollel
Chairwoman of the Cooperatives Alliance for Social Economic and Environmental Justice. A civil rights lawyer … Continue reading Dr. Yofat Sollel →
Prof. Arnon Brown
A professor of social worker and head of the Human Services Department at the Tel … Continue reading Prof. Arnon Brown →
Dr. Ronny Strier
A senior lecturer of social work at the Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences … Continue reading Dr. Ronny Strier →
Adv. Boaz Gur
Haifa City Council member and lawyer specializing in public law, regulation and public policy. One … Continue reading Adv. Boaz Gur →
Amnon Portugali
A research fellow at the Chazan Center for Social Justice and Democracy at the Van … Continue reading Amnon Portugali →
Tamar Shchory (Lawyer)
Tamar is a Vice President in the World Jewish Congress, the international representative body of … Continue reading Tamar Shchory (Lawyer) →
Prof. Dani Filc (MD)
A senior lecture at the Department of Politics and Government at Ben Gurion University, a … Continue reading Prof. Dani Filc (MD) →
Amit Friedman Mizrahi
One of the founders of the Center for Cooperatives’ Development in the North and its … Continue reading Amit Friedman Mizrahi →
Michal Zernowitski
Leader of the Eir vaEm (City and Mother) – Mother’s for Elad movement which ran … Continue reading Michal Zernowitski →
Dr. Irit Keynan
Head of internships at the Graduate Program for Education, Society & Culture at the College … Continue reading Dr. Irit Keynan →
Michal Shohat
Michal is a former member of Jerusalem’s city council and the former SEA manager. Today … Continue reading Michal Shohat →
Guy Pade
Chairman of the SEA’s Managing Board and one of the SEA’s founders. He is a … Continue reading Guy Pade →
Linda Shushan
A lecturer in communications, a political spokeswoman and strategy advisor, in the past she was … Continue reading Linda Shushan →
Shay Golub
Shay is a campaign manager and a strategic advisor. He is known as an expert … Continue reading Shay Golub →
Dr. Ohad Karni
Head of business sustainability and the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Former chairman of the adjunct … Continue reading Dr. Ohad Karni →
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Dr. Yifat Reuveni
Dr. Yifat Reuveni directs the social finance innovation activity at the JDC Institute for Leadership … Continue reading Dr. Yifat Reuveni →
Dr. Sarit Ben Simhon-Peleg
  Dr. Sarit Bensimhon-Peleg is a researcher and program director in the Local Government Project … Continue reading Dr. Sarit Ben Simhon-Peleg →
Ran Livne
  Dr. Sarit Bensimhon-Peleg is a researcher and program director in the Local Government Project … Continue reading Ran Livne →